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Are your employees, teachers, and students meeting in person again? Then keep them safe with regular COVID-19 surveillance testing.

Prevent an Outbreak

Whether you're in an office, retail, or classroom setting, we can help you minimize the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak.

It can be scary when you don’t know who in your workplace might be COVID-19 positive, unbeknownst to them or anyone else. We help you proactively identify COVID-19 positive workers to clarify their status and prevent the spread of disease. We offer a customized program for organizations, businesses, and schools of any size.


Test Your People and Environment

You can have bundles of test samples shipped to our lab on an ongoing basis. Or we can go to your office or school building at set times and provide group testing onsite. We also offer onsite testing for surface areas.


Customized Testing Plans

We provide a solution that is tailored to fit your company's needs, and you'll get testing results by the next day. Please contact us to discuss a customized plan.

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