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COVID-19 Testing Kits for Individuals and Groups

Interested in our COVID-19 PCR saliva testing kits? Just follow these simple steps.


Order Testing Kits

Purchase your desired number of COVID-19 saliva testing kits online (either an individual test or a group of 10 tests). 


Choose a Delivery Method

Options for receiving kits and delivering samples:

1. FedEx overnight shipping 
 fee applied for 2-way shipping)


2. Pick up and drop off at Delmarva Research

1 ml saliva sample extended.jpg


Provide the Sample(s)

Follow the testing instructions to provide a 1 ml saliva sample in the collection tube. Return the sample in a timely manner to Delmarva Research.

(Note: It is best to provide the sample for testing as soon as possible after it is collected. If you are unable to have it delivered in a timely fashion, please refrigerate the sample.)


Receive Next Day Results

You will receive results via email the next day after we receive your sample. The results show whether or not COVID-19 is present.

AdobeStock_231493853 - Office space shar

Get Your

Office Tested

Keep your employees and workspace safe with regular

COVID-19 surveillance testing.

Home School Activities

Get Your

School Tested

Keep your teachers and students safe with regular COVID-19

surveillance testing.

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